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These Brudee sonic toothbrush reviews are unedited and non-incentivized. Just real reviews from real Brudee customers


Customer reviews of Brudee sonic toothbrush.

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Brudee Sonic Toothbrush
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 495 reviews
bySummer onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Brilliant customer service!

Just last week the maid accidentally drop my toothbrush in the shower room, causing it to stopped working properly. I engaged the LiveChat, and Emma was exceptionally helpful, I thought I would’ve to pay for the repair, and so I sent them back my toothbrush the next day.

Just a few days later, I got a reply from them saying them were kind enough to replace me a brand new toothbrush without any repair cost. Simply I have to pay for the shipping fee because the collection hub were open during the MCO. Thats really good customer service there!

PS. I glad to give a five stars if the shipping fees was covers too :p

byYennie onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Now all my family members are using it

I first bought myself one about a year ago, my husband love it so much he ended up using it and I have to get myself another weeks after. Gave my 10 year old daughter to have a go at it, guess what, she loves it too. I just signed up the toothpaste subscription too. This small local brand has definitely taking care our teeth at a very affordable price.

byYvonne onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush

Im a user of Brudee for more than a year, my teeth has never felt any cleaner and fresher ever since. Until yesterday, the brush has stop working. The staff at the collection hub was very patient checking my toothbrush and once he confirmed the malfunction was caused by a defect, they was generous enough to replaced me a brand new toothbrush. For RM129 and 25 bucks every 3 month for such product and services, really there's nothing do complain about it.

byFariz onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Don't bother buying la. It will break after about 1 year or so with normal usage

TL;DR: I chose brudee because of the subscription plan, and was supposed to receive a replacement every three months, right? That didn't happen and it messed up my replacement schedule until I had to cancel the subscription, which meant my lifetime warranty was null and void, and now I am stuck with two broken toothbrushes.

I bought two sets in November 2019. I received the first replacement in April 2020, FIVE months after the purchase. They then sent the next replacement in May 2020, ONE month after!? Only after this did it follow the three month schedule and I was about to receive another replacement in August 2020 but by then, I had an extra toothbrush head because of their earlier screw up, so I decided to cancel the subscription, and wanted to resume it later.

GUESS WHAT. Around Oct/Nov 2020, just shy from one year after the purchase, one of them broke. And now, in Jan 2021, the other set broke! This seems like a manufacturing problem because it doesn't seem like I am alone after reading other reviews. However, since I cancelled my subscription, that means my lifetime warranty is void. That's a bit messed up, right?

I read other reviews and it seems like it is common for their toothbrush to breakdown after about one year (sometimes earlier). If you don't have a subscription, you don't have the lifetime warranty.

I am very disappointed. I was happy to support this brand because it's a local brand, and I am doing my best to support local brands especially during this time but if this is the quality that is being delivered, I would be better off with an Oral-B or Philips set la. At least I can be sure of their quality.

byJuan onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Love it

I really like the design of this toothbrush. It's sleek, not bulky, the brushes are nice, and having it sitting in my bathroom looks good too. My favorite part is that it's battery pretty much like a month, and you don't need like a bulky charger to charge it and worrying where to store your charger when its not in use.  My teeth feel really clean and I haven't been getting pain in them like I used to at times using a manual toothbrush!

byFedrick onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Bought it, love it

I heard about Brudee from a few of my cousins saying its a great buy and i should start using an electric toothbrush.  I got it and love it. I love the design and weight of the handle, the battery life is excellent, the bristles are perfect. The built in timer is handy, too.

byAriyanna onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Fresh and Clean

I like the way my teeth feel so clean after brush. The shape of brush is great It is light and comfortable to use

byLylaine onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush

Great to hold an actual "toothbrush" in my hands again and not a gigantic vibrating screwdriver.

bySlyvia onBrudee Sonic Toothbrush
Minimalist design and super clean

Its simple, minimalist, and it cleans like a sparkle! Automatic delivers the brush head its such a hassle free service you guys offer. The brush head are nicely air sealed in a packet. I love it alot.

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