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byJenna onBrudee声波牙刷
Great for kids too

Bought it as gift for my little 11 year old son, he's been complainning about manual toothbrush wasnt good enough, and dentist often find him alot of cavities on his dental checkups. Heard of about this electric toothbrush from a good friend of mine, and i have to thank her. Timer sets my son to brush for the right time, and the last dental visit was almost perfect says the dentist.

byLing onBrudee声波牙刷
Brush head

Just got my brudee today and it only has 1 brush head. Can I buy them locally or do they have to be ordered on this site? Brushed my teeth once and loved it.

bySteven onBrudee声波牙刷
too big and wrong shape for me

I like the speed and it cleans most of my teeth well, but I have a small mouth and I still have my wisdom teeth. I often have to use my manual brush to get my wisdom teeth clean. The brush just doesn't get around those teeth. Also my battery only lasts about  2 to 3 weeks which is a disappointment. It does work better than the other brands like oral-b or philips as far as power. I just wish the head was different.

byJanice onBrudee声波牙刷
Super Stoked!

I love this toothbrush because I love how it looks and I love that it actually works. My teeth actually FEEL clean and that is never been the case with any other electric toothbrush I have had. I like that every 3 months I will get a new toothbrush head and I am about to order my travel bag so my BRUDEE can go with me too. The lifetime warranty is awesome and I will be a lifetime BRUDEE customer because of that. Thanks BRUDEE.

byLaura Ong onBrudee声波牙刷
Amazing brushes

I had been contemplating buying these brushes for me and my daughter for a while. And I finally went ahead and purchased them. I am so happy I did! The first brush was amazing, my teeth felt so much cleaner than any time I have ever brushed. And my daughter loves hers also. We love the timer setting and the sleek look.

byMeng onBrudee声波牙刷
Such a great toothbrush, i got one for my wife.

I bought through my dentist almost 2 years ago. I’ve loved it since then so much so that I bought one for my wife just recently. She’s had it several weeks now and is a convert to brudee. She loves how it stops and starts to tell you to move to the next area, and the USB charging is so convenient.

byIrane Ding onBrudee声波牙刷
Very good yet very fragile to little fall damage

Mine broke when it fell from a short distance from the table to the floor like a piece of glass. So please don't drop yours, it will break.

byPatricia onBrudee声波牙刷
Feeling So Fresh

My husband and i, we switched from a battery powered brush and wow is there a difference! I really like the timer option and the fact that I don’t have to put much pressure on it to feel it cleaning my teeth.

byHoward onBrudee声波牙刷
Great design

Toothbrush subscriptions are a great idea! The design of the Brudee toothbrush is very nice. The brush and base help keep it nice and clean compared to other power brushes.

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