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Brudee 评论

  4.9 / 5



Customer reviews of Brudee sonic toothbrush.

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 521 reviews
byJanice onBrudee声波牙刷
Awesome product and service

A user of of Brudee for more than a year when i got it as a christmas gift. Cleans really well, and with the auto delivery brush heads its really such convenient. Until i there's a problem with the battery that it no longer holds more than a week of battery life. Amazingly, they were kind enough to replace my brudee with a new one while im on a subscription plan. What can i say about such product that cost so little that offers that great of a service. Definitely worth my effort to review the product, and also a good recommendation to my friends.

byPauline Gan onBrudee声波牙刷
Its a really great product

Been a user of brudee for almost a year where i switch from an oral-b i had it for several years i bought from the harvey norman store but they always run out of stock with the brush head i prefer. With the automatic delivery sub plan, its really convenient for me, plus it doesnt gets dirty easy like how the oral-b did at the silicon part. Wish there's a travel case for me as i travel from one to another homes sometimes.

byWen Li onBrudee声波牙刷
Love the brush

In short, I love my brudeetoothbrush. Dental hygiene is a top priority for me -- the brudee process and delivery makes everything super easy. Their customer service is also one of the best customer service teams I've ever had the pleasure to work with. They've been very helpful with my inquiries any time I needed assistance. If you're not using Brudee's brushes, you're missing out.

byFedrick onBrudee声波牙刷
Love it

I had been using oral-b for the last 2 1/2 years and the motor crapped out on me. I decided to try something new and thank god I did! My teeth feel so clean! And I love that it’s rechargeable. I got it in cool matte black and it looks stunning on my bathroom vanity.

byFauzi onBrudee声波牙刷
Great customer service

Shout out to Nichole the live chat agent who i contacted and restored my faith in Brudee! I posted a negative review because of faulty toothbrush that had charging issues. I didn't know where to go with my issue until after I posted the review. Brudee is a great product and have great people working within the company also. I'm very happy to know that Brudee values it's customers abs is an honorable organization!

byLiz onBrudee声波牙刷

I love my BRUDEE. This toothbrush lasts forever on a single charge. The replacement heads are sent to your house whenever you schedule them. I’ve honestly recommend this toothbrush to everyone that has asked me about it. It’s affordable and it works great. BRUDEE’s customer service is also, incredible. I love it!

byZoey onBrudee声波牙刷
Happy Family of 3 Brudees

I'm happy with our Brudee toothbrushes. They are a great value and do an excellent job. My son and husband are doing a great job brushing their teeth on the regular now and the successful dentist appointments are happy times.

byPaul onBrudee声波牙刷
Getting back a proper routine

I used to only brush my teeth once a day! Since getting my Brudee I’ve been brushing day and night and been thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks Brudee for helping me take care of my skeleton cleaning needs!

byKylie onBrudee声波牙刷
Best Ever!

My boyfriend and I were so scared ordering this at first because it’s highly priced for a tooth brush. In reality it’s the best toothbrush ever !!! Soooo recommended

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